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Mag. Sigrid Richter -


Your Agenda says: "Update Online Shop. Put focus on Online Marketing, improve SEO." - But how ... ?

I support customers like small businesses, to present and profile the online information on their products and company.

In detail I offer these IT-services (as a freelancer):

  1. Web Content Support: Production and updates of websites and Content Marketing
  2. Web Master - SEO OnPage - Techniques: Information structure and file administration
  3. Online Shop Spport with Online Marketing and SEO Services
  4. Online Writing and SEO OnPage - Content Services:
    • commercial advertising texts and produkt descriptions
    • for defined Top-Keywords searchoptimized Text creation in German und English,
    • Experience with the management of Online Writers and Web Prdocution
    • Experience with mulit-lingual web sites (German native, English, French)
    • IT-Writer: Experience with the writing of software user manuals, contect help infos and instruction manuals and guides.

Experience since 2005 with successful support of E-Commerce projects and with the production and administration of Online Shops. Experience since 2008 with Online marketing and SEO of E-Shops.

My goals are:

Update your E-shop! Improve your SEO profile! Grow and Shine! Get in contact with me by writing an e-mail to
s.richter AT